Order the book “Maples: A History of the Antioch College Fire Department”

Maples. Say that one word to a certain group of Antioch College alumni and I’ll guarantee you’ll get a yell out of them. “MAPLES!”. My book “Maples:A History of the Antioch College Fire Department” is our story

The book over 250 pages long and close to 100 photos. Photos of the major fires, pictures and history of every rig, and plenty of roster photos are all included.

Here’s your last chance to order the book to get it before Christmas.  Monday, Dec. 17 is the deadline. Book comes out next Thursday and your postpaid copy will be in the mail then! Only $25.

6 thoughts on “Order the book “Maples: A History of the Antioch College Fire Department”

    • Sarah, just fixed it – thanks for the heads-up! worked yesterday, got a few orders. Guess I need to check it everyday! :-)

      you’ll still get the book by Xmas.

      thanks a bunch – I appreciate the support.

  1. Would you send an inscribed copy? I was in Maples during my time at Antioch (77-81) and got a great deal out of it. Became an EMT and then an RN. Have been an Air Force Flight Nurse for more than 20 years.

    • hi, got your payment fine, any particular inscribe.

      Don’t know if you remember, but you gave me a ride to the ER to get my eyebrow stitched after after v-ball one day.

  2. Mike, met you briefly at Trails last Fri eve, courtesy of Evelyn La Mers. Would like to show and sell your well-received Maples book at our March 23 “Sanfrancisco Div Day by the Bay” an all day/eve event next weekend. Have “net work table” for alum’s works. Could you send 6 for consignment? Sure to sell them, and can have info for your contact if do. D Vincent, 125 West Richmond Ave., Richmond, CA. 94801 Phone 510 235-4850 or cell, 510 375 7396. Hope your 2nd printing arrived already. Thanks, David

    • hi, got the 2nd printing in and have sent all copies out – should be arriving soon, if not already to everyone that already ordered one.

      Unfortunately, I’m not set up to do consignment. The bookstores and fire museums that have bought the book have all prepaid via paypal or money order/check. Let me know if that works for you.

      thanks, mike

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