Maples Timeline

This is a work in progress. Please add any additions, corrections, etc. in the comments. Thanks!

1889 In legend, this is the year Maples starts as a bucket brigade to save another cottage on the campus.

1926 After the formation of Comcil, Maples is formally organized as the safety squad, later called the Fire Squad.

1950 In Fall, the squad moves into the Maples dorm on the corner of Livermore and Center College Streets.

1950 Acquires the power wagon from the Atomic Energy Commission.

1956 Maples gets a pumper from the Cleveland branch of the Ford Motor Company.

1958 Maples gets a retired Seagraves pumper from the village.

1964 David Anderson rebuilds the old Power Wagon as a senior project.

1965 Moves into the Presidents’ dorm called Maples, after the old dorm. The original Maples was razed and Maples put it out as a practice fire.

1967 Maples gets its first ambulance from Greene County Rescue. It was put in service that fall.

1970 Maples gets 854, a custom built rig, later renamed 1804.

1970 855, the new medic, a Ford van, arrives

1977 Paul Weisblatt becomes Maples’ first paramedic. By 1980, Maples had 7 medics.

1981 Maples gets recognized as a separate fire department by the Greene County Chiefs Association and gets a new number for the squad 1805 and the rig 1804.

1989 Maples gets a new old medic and engine.

1996 Maples closes for good.

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  1. Unfortunately, the old Maples was wrecked by a crane and then burned as a big woodpile fire — we never got to have a controlled burn. The only part Maples played was to put up a water curtain between the wreckage of the old Maples and the new garage.
    I — and the rest of the fire dept — was quite annoyed at the college.

    • In the newspaper story in the Record, it said that some of the trees caught fire around the brushpile and you had to put it out. Any truth? They also mentioned that the college turned down Maples’ request to burn down the old dorm. Yes? No?

  2. wow! Happy to see this coming together. I have my original Guy Nusholz Maples T-shirt, done in Marvel Comics style, here in Germany. I’ll try to take a good photo of it and send it along. I also have some prints from the Yellow Springs paper of us working a house fire outside of town, and I’ll try to find them, scan them and send them along as well. I still have my old R-EMT-A patch from 1970 on a parka, and some other memorabilia as well. The training at Antioch served me well- I taught CPR to my med school classmate, the first to do so. I went into pediatrics, worked in the Indian Health Service for 10 years in Alaska, and then ended up as an active duty Army doc, retiring as a full colonel/professor of pediatrics 3.5 years ago. I’m currently working in Germany as a civilian doc for the Army. I saw Bunt (Surojit) Ghosh in London about 3 years ago, another Maples member from class of 1972. Great to see notes from the Comstocks and Stu Lauterbach!

    • I’d love to get a scan/pic of that t-shirt! my email is For more about the book, you can go here Maples book

      Did you look through the chief’s roster on my site? Also, there’s a Maples page on facebook that has lots of photos. You’ll have to type in Antioch College Fire Department.
      Do/did you know Kathy Shank? Josh Alper? Carl Christensen? Briget Smith?

      Also, do you happen to remember who the first female firefighter on Maples was

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  5. Hey Mikey…..Tim here. What a cool idea. Can’t wait to get a copy of the book for myself. I only wish I had known about it earlier as I have a lot of pictures from when I was on Maples, ’81-’83 (Chief ’82-’83). If I can find them/dig them up I’ll send you copies…..for Maples volume 2. :)

    I still miss it. Looking back was some of the best times of my life. Certainly started my pathway in healthcare. Currently work as a nurse practitioner. Love to still watch the fire trucks screaming by….

    • Tim, great hearing from you. Still have a few copies left – more on the way in January. You can just paypal from the link in the article.

      hope you enjoy the book! mikey

  6. I remember a trip to ?Lebanon, Ohio to pick up the new firetruck somewhere between 1974-1977, which is when I was a Maploid. I do remember Kathy Shank. She came after the Rachel Levine/Ken Brown/Peter ???? era.

    • hi Laurie, I think the only Peter was Peter Kurland, who became chief in fall 1978. Kathy and I have become good friends. Might have been another one, but the timing is right for that one. Remember Stu Lauterbach? Al Eisemann? Paul Weisblatt? We just missed each, i entered in fall 1978.

  7. I was after the Stu Lauterbach era, although he came to visit. I was there with Al Eisemann. Paul Weisblatt and Peter Kurland were newbies when I was a member. I worked in CCE (Center for Cooperative Education) from July 1977-June 1978, but, yeah, just missed you.

    It is so strange to hear of North Hall as habitable space. We used to use it for fire training….ladders up to the third floor, full gear, climb through the window, etc.

  8. I helped on the rebuild of the powerwagon, was chief one term, remember having to stop an assembly to clear the aisles. Lots of very good times. I definitely am interested in the book.

  9. Peter Siegel is the missing Chief Laurie is talking about. He was a great chief with a wonderful sense of humor. He was one of the members on the Alaskan Brooks Range Expedition as well.

    Paul Weisblatt

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