Maples – A History of the Antioch College Fire Department

by Mikey Chlanda

Maples. Say that one word to a certain group of Antioch College alumni and I’ll guarantee you’ll get a yell out of them. “MAPLES!”. “Maples:A History of the Antioch College Fire Department” is our story.

It’s over 200 pages long and close to 100 photos. Photos of the major fires, pictures and history of every rig, and plenty of roster photos are all included.

Still a few copies left before the reprint in January. Only  $25 postpaid in the USA.

If you’d like to have the book inscribed, just put that in the notes. And if you’d like to pick it up in person, just go on over to Sam & Eddie’s Open Books, 220 Xenia Ave., in downtown Yellow Springs. They have some copies in stock as well. You can also pick up a copy from me.

Maples was the nickname of the Antioch College Fire Department, named after the original dorm it was housed in.

For us, it was a life-changing event. It certainly changed mine. Scott Sanders, Antioch College’s archivist, says when Antiochians go visit him, if they were on Maples, those are the first words out of their mouths.

And for many of us, it was a career change as well. Many of us went on to become fire chiefs, battalion chiefs, firefighters, doctors, nurses and more – all related to the fire department. And on a personal level too – my best friends, 35 years later, are my fellow firefighters. I went on to the Miami Township Fire Department – now Miami Township Fire Rescue -, becoming a lieutenant.

History was being made by us too. The first female fire chief in the county was a Maploid. The first female career (professional) firefighter in Ohio was a Maploid – who went on to found an organization dedicated to women in the fire service. We were the only student-run fire department in the world. The list goes on.

“Maples: A History of the Antioch College Fire Department” is our history. And we’re kinda proud of that history. Yes, I wrote the book on Maples, but it’s our book. It wouldn’t have happened without my firefighting brothers and sisters from Maples.

I’ve gotten wonderful support so far – thank you all!


7 thoughts on “Maples – A History of the Antioch College Fire Department

    • Dave, right now it’s tough getting into Antioch – thousands apply and this year they only had 75 slots. Also, it’ll be tough getting Maples starting, as we’ll need to work closely with the township. The ac there is the guy who basically closed Maples down.

  1. I played on a volleyball team with Terry the first woman on the Maples Dept. Also Doug Phillips would invite friends to cook & eat with Maples dwellers & he made a great three layer cheesecake.

    • Wow Betsy, we must have just missed each other. I entered in class 0f ’78. Terry actually wasn’t the first woman on Maples (that was Ginger Comstock) nor the first Maploid female firefighter – she was though, the first female Ohio career firefighter…went on to found Women in Fire (a woman’s support group)
      thx for the nice words!

  2. Betsy Hewett – !!! There’s a name from the past. Coordinates please. I live in SD now 858-353-0815. Would love to hear from you.

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